Nature is very important to us. That’s why we ask our guests to take care of our environment together for a better future:

  • Our water is solar-heated during summer.
  • We use local heat for Fridas heating system – supplied by local farmers.
  • Our tube water is premium drinking water from the mountains in Kleinarl and is regularly tested and controlled. You may drink our tube water and do not have to buy water in plastic bottles. That’s also a lot cheaper.
  • As our water is precious, we ask you to use it carefully. Stop the water after washing your hands or taking a shower.
  • We recycle our garbage. That’s natural to us. We recycle also your garbage before disposal. Take part and use our labelled dustbins in the garage (left hand side, right behind the door) for recycling. There you will find the following dust bins:
    – paper
    – packaging material (plastic, foil, etc.)
    – organic waste/food disposal (the green bin, next to the entrance, right hand side)
    – glas
    – residual waste
  • Vent your room in the morning and evening and open the window completly for 3-5 mintues. Then close it again. This method ensures that the warmth of the room won’t be lost.

Thank you for your support.